A Time for Everything

Jonathan Lockwood Huie said  “A time for everything: A time to relax and a time to be busy, a time to frolic and a time to labor, a time to receive and a time to give, a time to begin and a time to finish.”

I have received much and given much; I have frolicked and labored; I have been busy and now it’s time to relax; I began and now I must finish.

I began as a leader when my youngest daughter was in Kindergarten – she is now 21. I met my bestie at a GirlSports event in October of that same year (1998), and fell under the magical and enthusiastic spell of Beth Raynes. I jumped in with two feet and never looked back. I have worn many hats, learned many things, and gained new skills in the process.

I have met many wonderful people throughout my 22+ years of Girl Scouts; met and known many wonderful girls that have grown into fine young women. Recruited many fine women that have made wonderful volunteers over those years.

And with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart I know that it is now time to step back; refocus my life and do other things. I want to learn Spanish, I want to spend time with my grandchildren, I want to write, and I especially want to concentrate on my photography.

I blog on another site – Randomness and Ramblings can be found here: https://southernmagnoliaphotographyllc.wordpress.com/
and my photography facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/SouthernMagnoliaPhotography?ref=hl

I will ease out as I am working to wrap up a few more tasks and have one more Brownie troop to finish setting up and get going – THANKS to those two wonderful ladies that said this morning they’d lead the troop!
Don’t be surprised if you see me at some events – Teresa and Mary Louise will give me small tasks to do I am sure. :)

(This does not effect the website)

Thanks for the memories !


Life is a journey – enjoy the journey.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

endings precede beginnings...


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Have you ever been bullied?  Have you ever bullied?

I have been a victim of bullying… yes, me. The 48 year old, mother of four, grandmother to 3 (#4 here in 3 weeks or so), and long time Girl Scout has been bullied by another adult.

A friend (I thought) of mine no less. Cyber-bullying on top of it all.

At first I tried to ignore it, then I tried to let others know that it wasn’t right, then told others this person wasn’t being nice to me.  I was told to “grow up” and “get over it”, “forgive and forget”.  Today was the final straw, when I was publicly attacked and reduced to uncontrollable shaking and crying. I threatened to disengage from social media, I cried, I shook, I got mad, I vented to a friend, I cried some more.  I thought about how hurt I was and how no one had listened to me before. Today EVERYONE listened to me. 

Then I got home and got smart. I decided I was not going to let this get me down, I was not going to stay mad, and cry and cry. I remembered what WE, the adults, have told our children to do – to reach out, to bring awareness, to stop it in it’s tracks. If I removed myself from social media I would be doing a disservice to myself – I would be unhappy. I have friends that I only interact with via social media, I have a photography page where I LOVE to share my photos, I have a Girl Scout page where I LOVE to share ideas and events where the parents can interact with their children.  IF I disengaged – the bullier would WIN.  I can’t allow that to happen.

While it’s not about winning – it is about ME. MY self esteem, MY happiness, MY example I set to not only my children and grandchildren but to the Girl Scouts and other youth that are in my life. If I give in, will they see this as a way to deal with bullying?  Instead I am taking a stand against bullying.

I think I was treated differently because I am an adult and adults aren’t supposed to act that way.  Adults listen to children and youth though, I know this, I have been a party to and seen other adults take action against bullying.  Do not be afraid to SPEAK OUT!

recite with me:  I WILL not be a bully; I WILL prevent bullying; I WILL continue to encourage others to be nice; I WILL be nice behind someone’s back today.   Annnddddd…. as soon as one of my daughters gets here with the blue nail polish, I will post a picture of my #bluepinky! 

For help if you think you are, or are being bullied, go to a trusted adult, and you can also go to Mean Stinks Bullying Stops Here tips to join the campaign against bullying. You can also visit Stop Bullying.gov

#blupinky  @meanstinks  #gangupforgood  #bluepinkyswear


7 billion    stop-sign perfect and happy



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When you hear the word “time” what pops into your mind?
Quitting time? Bed time? Dinner time? Deadline? Or perhaps you bust out in song: “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel or “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce, or perhaps Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4″a little off tune, but at the top of your lungs. Yes, that would be me- and any of the three will do.

Someone on Facebook mentioned the other day that Christmas was ONLY 25 weeks away. That means that Thanksgiving is 21 weeks away and Juliette Gordon Low’s birthday (or Halloween) is 17 weeks away. It’ll be another 8 weeks before Labor Day rolls around and most of us get another work day off and (GASP!) that means the first day of school is a mere 5, yes FIVE, weeks away. Since my children have now all graduated out of the public school system, this day creeps up on me and surprises me.

See, the first day of school has a different meaning to me now…. it means that it will be time for GS recruitment will start, I will be swamped in paperwork from tons of new girls that want to join Girl Scouts. The paperwork I won’t get will be from adults that want to volunteer to be a Girl Scout.
This saddens me. In all my 47 years I think the best times I had with my children were in scouts. Both girls were scouts and I was the leader for my younger daughter’s troop throughout her GS years. We did TONS of activities while visiting relatives or on vacation and earned badges and patches from other councils. One summer we did a council patch exchange and the girls succeeded in receiving patches from almost all the councils before the merges happened; the smiles and good times they had collecting those patches was priceless. They spent every summer at day camp at Grand Caverns, and a few years the youngest went to a different camp as well. They learned to cook over an open fire, how to lead girls in activities, how to work with a buddy (yes, fellas, THIS is when us girls learn to go to the restroom with a buddy), how to deal with mom and little brother being at camp with them, and the youngest learned most of her socialization skills there – to this day she knows no stranger, yet hates for Momme to speak to strangers. :^))
So, time…. it’s time to do some thinking, and time to decide to volunteer in Girl Scouts. Time to grab a buddy and start a troop, time to grab a buddy and join a day camp, time to grab a buddy and start a day camp or be a unit leader at an existing day camp. Or perhaps it’s time to be a mother-figure to some girls that need a mother, for whatever reason. It’s TIME to help these young ladies we have brought into this world that THEY have time to explore, to learn, to BE.
Makes no difference if you have a daughter, or if you were a Girl Scout as a child, or if you were for only a year…. doesn’t matter if you are a college student, a male or a female, or if you work full-time or don’t work at all…..we NEED you to give your time and help us give these girls the time of their life. We can get you trained over the summer and you can hit the ground running in … oh… 5 weeks or so! We have a desperate need for Brownie leaders (grades 2-3) in the Staunton area at this time. Pass along the word… or better yet – GRAB A BUDDY AND COME JOIN US!
Drop me a line at NASUGirlScouts@gmail.com and let me know you want to volunteer or check out the link at http://www.gsvsc.org/volunteer/get-started/  to see how to get started – we need all the time we can get from all that can give time.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summertime.

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Cookies, Cookies, who has the cookies…

oh wait, that is supposed to be button, button, who has the button.

WE have the button – ok, we have the app.  Want to find out where the nearest cookies are? Simply download the new Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder App in either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once it’s installed, you enter the zip code of your location and it tells you where cookie booths are. It’s that simple. Seriously, that simple – I just did it! From my location where I am now sitting – I can get them in a multitude of places this weekend! It even gives me a map and tells me what troop # is manning the booth.

Want to meet the cookies? You can do that too.

Best thing about this feature ??
It gives you the “old” name for the cookies.  Know what a Tag-A-Long is? or a Do-Si-Do? Do you remember the old name of the now Shortbread?  (My troop girls do – ask them).

Bad thing about this feature??
It lists the cookies from BOTH bakeries.  sigh.  So you might have to explain why you don’t have the Savannah Smiles at your booth.

You can also vote for your favorite cookie!  Right now Thin Mints has a slight lead over Caramel Delites, and the PBP’s are pulling up a strong 3rd place.  Surprisingly (to me) the Shortbreads are ahead of the PBS’s.

Are your girls learning the 5 skills? Are you helping them or are they helping each other? Does your scout know the 5 skills?  Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.

Goal Setting – what are the girls going to do with their profits?  Did they have trouble making a goal to realize this want?
Decision Making – did they decide how to run the booth, where to have the booth, who should work the booth?  Did they have a tough time coming up with a Goal? Did they have to learn a way to be fair to all or did they decide to do two activities so as to make everyone happy with the decision?
Money Management – do you let your girls handle the money, count change back, with an adult overseeing them or do you have an adult sitting at the table with the money bag?
People Skills – do your girls stand at the booth and ask potential customers to buy, or do they sit at the table and wait for customers to come to them.  Do the exuberant ones teach the more shy ones how to ask customers to buy, or let them answer simple questions about the cookies?
Business Ethics – Do the girls make sure that each customer is offered correct change, do they count it twice?  Do they keep an accurate tally of how many boxes were sold per shift (if your troop does this)?  Do they keep the “keep the change” donations separate?  Do they let someone know if they drop a box of cookies or an entire case, or leave it where the cookie crumbled?

So, you see Girl Scouts learn a lot by selling cookies, so when someone makes a statement regarding GS being known just for our cookie selling – - – take the time and effort to educate them on what the girls (and volunteers!) learn from selling cookies.

Happy Selling !

P.S.  Do you know where the first commercially baked cookie was sold?   Do you know when?   Check this link out for the answer.     http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_cookies/history.asp

Don’t forget to shop locally – We’re EVERYWHERE !02_findCookies

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So, you say all your Scouts’ “stuff” is in a bag?

I am no different than you…sometimes that “stuff”- badges, insignia, pins, and patches- gets put aside in a baggie “So I won’t lose it.”   In a recent cleaning sweep I found such a bag, and luckily I know which daughter it belongs to. It’s still in a baggie from her 3rd grade year, when her vest was entirely too full to hold one more thing.  (said daughter is now 2nd yr college).

You can ask your leader where the items go, but sometimes they are just too busy doing activities with your girls, and you say the other parent’s don’t know either right?

Here’s a link that shows each age level vest AND sash so you know where to sew or pin it all on.  Just choose the link for the appropriate age level and you can choose either a list of all the insignia, or it will give you a PDF with the placement.


SEE?!?  Easy Peasy – all ya had to do was ask. ;) 

Now, let’s get sewing – or perhaps we should teach the girls?!

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I Can’t Wait to________________!

‘I CAN’T WAIT TO’ welcome you all back to Girl Scouts !

It’s already almost Halloween (or another great event date – what is it?), where have the past two months gone? SHEWEE!  I know where they’ve gone:  registering, training, parent meetings, nut/candy sale and troop meetings. Hang on, I need to BREATHE a minute before I can go further.  This time of year is always busy and hectic, but to do the girls JUSTICE the paperwork and phone calls must be made. It’s also a fun and grand time to get to learn what the girls did over the summer and meet new friends that we welcome into our existing troops.

Speaking of summer – we had a great group of Girl Scouts, new leaders, and experienced leaders meet over the summer to help the new leaders get their feet wet so they could “hit the ground running” when school started!  What fun that was! We did cool science stuff, learned songs, games, some crafts, exploded a Coca Cola with Mentos and made indoor S’mores!  Thanks to all of those involved!

SAW has already hosted 6 troop events and several recruitment events, and SAW has plenty more on the calendar. Be sure to check out the calendar before you leave our webpage so you can BE PREPARED for all there is to do with your girls this year.  We are off to a wonderfully fast start with our Nut/Candy sale and are excited about the addition of booth sales!  First Aid and CPR re-certifications classes are scheduled and we are working on a class for you to learn FA and CPR as well.

New troops are forming for girls at Riverheads Elementary, Beverly Manor Elementary and Wilson Elementary! How exciting it is that we have new volunteers and leaders to add to our already amazing volunteer roster at SAW!  We can’t wait to see these new Daisy Girl Scouts learn all the things there are to learn BETWEEN THE EARTH AND SKY,  as the leaders water them with GS traditions, history, and trivia like they were little FLOWER GARDENS and grow, grow, grow!

We will even welcome several college students studying at Mary Baldwin College into the fold as leaders of a Junior troop in Fishersville  (clap) (clap) (clap).  This is going to be an AMAZING year for those gals (and for the Mary Baldwin gals as well)  :)  We are so thankful that all these wonderful ladies decided to DISCOVER Girl Scouts, CONNECT with GSVSC, and then TAKE ACTION to become volunteers!

WOW the more I type the more I feel the excitement of an AMAZ[E]ing, exciting, and BLISSful year coming up!  If we all SOW WHAT we can into the fields of the Community we can create a massive GIRLTOPIA, that can reap many more girls and adult volunteers to help AMUSE us all and GET [us] MOVING in the direction of  the MISSION [of] SISTERHOOD!

WELCOME BACK – - did you get all the GS references in the post? If not, be sure to ask a Girl Scout – she’ll know!  And we PROMISE we won’t make you feel awkward for not knowing them all, it’s not a LAW  to know everything about Girl Scouts.  :)

Oh and what CAN’T YOU WAIT TO DO as a Girl Scout??!!??

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Girl Scouts is _______ !

Fill in the blank:  Girl Scouts is _____________! There are tons of words to fill in the blank, and my first word choice probably won’t be the same as yours! That’s how Girl Scouts can be – a different experience for each one of us.

We – Girl Scouts in SAW- are gearing up for a new year of scouting!  Tons of events, and fun!

Girls are out having fun at day camps, with their friends on Destinations (overseas trips) and working on badges and journeys.

Please enjoy our website as we continue to make improvements to help you stay up to date with what YOUR scout can do, and to give leaders and other volunteers resources to make the scouting experience the best it can be!

So, just drop us a line, leave a comment, or a call us (see the Joining Info page) and let us know how we can help you and your daughter have an awesome experience in Girl Scouts.

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