Cookies, Cookies, who has the cookies…

oh wait, that is supposed to be button, button, who has the button.

WE have the button – ok, we have the app.  Want to find out where the nearest cookies are? Simply download the new Official Girl Scout Cookie Finder App in either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once it’s installed, you enter the zip code of your location and it tells you where cookie booths are. It’s that simple. Seriously, that simple – I just did it! From my location where I am now sitting – I can get them in a multitude of places this weekend! It even gives me a map and tells me what troop # is manning the booth.

Want to meet the cookies? You can do that too.

Best thing about this feature ??
It gives you the “old” name for the cookies.  Know what a Tag-A-Long is? or a Do-Si-Do? Do you remember the old name of the now Shortbread?  (My troop girls do – ask them).

Bad thing about this feature??
It lists the cookies from BOTH bakeries.  sigh.  So you might have to explain why you don’t have the Savannah Smiles at your booth.

You can also vote for your favorite cookie!  Right now Thin Mints has a slight lead over Caramel Delites, and the PBP’s are pulling up a strong 3rd place.  Surprisingly (to me) the Shortbreads are ahead of the PBS’s.

Are your girls learning the 5 skills? Are you helping them or are they helping each other? Does your scout know the 5 skills?  Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills, and Business Ethics.

Goal Setting – what are the girls going to do with their profits?  Did they have trouble making a goal to realize this want?
Decision Making – did they decide how to run the booth, where to have the booth, who should work the booth?  Did they have a tough time coming up with a Goal? Did they have to learn a way to be fair to all or did they decide to do two activities so as to make everyone happy with the decision?
Money Management – do you let your girls handle the money, count change back, with an adult overseeing them or do you have an adult sitting at the table with the money bag?
People Skills – do your girls stand at the booth and ask potential customers to buy, or do they sit at the table and wait for customers to come to them.  Do the exuberant ones teach the more shy ones how to ask customers to buy, or let them answer simple questions about the cookies?
Business Ethics – Do the girls make sure that each customer is offered correct change, do they count it twice?  Do they keep an accurate tally of how many boxes were sold per shift (if your troop does this)?  Do they keep the “keep the change” donations separate?  Do they let someone know if they drop a box of cookies or an entire case, or leave it where the cookie crumbled?

So, you see Girl Scouts learn a lot by selling cookies, so when someone makes a statement regarding GS being known just for our cookie selling – – – take the time and effort to educate them on what the girls (and volunteers!) learn from selling cookies.

Happy Selling !

P.S.  Do you know where the first commercially baked cookie was sold?   Do you know when?   Check this link out for the answer.

Don’t forget to shop locally – We’re EVERYWHERE !02_findCookies

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